2021 Driver Survey

  1. feet inches

  2. lbs

  3. Type of Driving Work

  4. Area of Driving Work


  6. Truck Model


  7. Type of Trailer:

  8. Estimate your average daily miles


  9. Please estimate your income



  11. If yes, how often do you exercise?

  12. Do you use tobacco products?


  13. If yes, what type of tobacco products do you use?

  14. Health Questions: Do you have any of these diseases, disorders, or conditions?

  15. Please estimate your CSA Points


  16. What are your biggest concerns in the trucking industry?

  17. Are you currently a member of any union?


  18. Will you join a new truck drivers union?

  19. If you join, will you financially support the union?

  20. What would you like the union to do?

  21. In a scale of 1-10, how satisfied are you?

  22. Comment:


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